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Website Committee

Website Committee

As of 2019.12.20 a rebuilt more user friendly website is now up and running. This involved a reasonable expenditure, looks good, is quite useful. Its utility will increase over time as we continue to build expanded usage.

Our hope is that each of you reading this will encourage fellow retirees to use the website for many of the things that RTAM does. In addition, we would like to hear your comments and suggestions.

Just click here and follow the intuitive email process.

Many of the latest issues of KIT can be read right from this website. Take a look here in a spare moment.

Chair: Paul Harland


Linda Blair (Winnipeg)
Joan Dawson (Thompson)
Joan Goble (Thompson)
Wayne Hughes (Winnipeg)


The Committee met on January 10, 2022. We are pleased that the webpage is updated and that items seem to have stopped disappearing. An Instagram account will be coming soon and we will be linking our Facebook and Instagram accounts to our webpage. Announcements will be posted onto our two social media. We are also looking at other ways to get members engaged in RTAM events and issues.

2020 AGM

Respectfully submitted by Ralph Cibula, Chair (Gladstone)

Members: Jack Fraser (Winnipeg), Wayne Hughes (Winnipeg), Doreen Sage (Neepawa), Joan Dawson (Thompson)

Continued effort took place during the course of this year to edit, update and post new materials as was felt to be helpful.
To allow for the update and maintenance of the current website, the Board approved the allocation of $3,000 in additional funding, transferred from the Committee Projects and Seminar Budget Pool to the Website Development Budget.
It is expected that the website will continue to become a major tool of actions between RTAM and its membership and partners. Keep your attention to this aspect during the course of the coming year. The Committee urges you to use the website for knowledge and communication regarding issues related to retired teachers. You are urged as well to encourage and assist other retired members to “test drive” the RTAM website.

We have formed a partnership with TRIP MERCHANT to assist all of you who are travellers to more easily generate your travel plans.
The usefulness of this will be determined over the next year or so as travel plans fit into the new world following the COVID-19 pandemic.

I want to express my appreciation to the committee members for their work on the committee: Jack Fraser, Wayne Hughes, Doreen Sage, Joan Dawson, and the helpful inputs of office staff.
Also key to our success with an increasingly active website I want to mention the technical work of the RTAM webmaster Gayl Punzalan of Blue Ink Media. Gayl has accepted to do a special piece for all of you at some point in this 2020 AGM. Thanks and enjoy the balance of the meeting.

“Maximizing our membership numbers with online communications will maximize our common purpose and minimize the cost of doing so. Getting the best value online set-up and running it well must continue to be an immediate priority.”