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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of RTAM meets monthly and is made up of the President, Vice President, Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Director and anyone else nominated or selected by the President.

The aims of the committee are to help reduce the workload for the Board of Directors by taking in committee reports and requests for new business in advance of the monthly board meeting to effectively use the boards time together the best and most efficient ways possible.

The Executive can also set new projects and initiatives and they are responsible for the annual review of the Executive Director and the final approval of the ED's annual review for staff.

Chair: Linda Blair (Winnipeg, formerly Portage La Prairie)

Vice President: Gabe Mercier (Ochre River)

Secretary: Jayesh Maniar (Winnipeg)

Treasurer: Brent Corrigan (Winnipeg)

Executive Director: Sean Seywright

For 2022 - 2023 the Executive met every month and was key in helping with:

  • The formation of new committees coming to fruition this year or next year (Substitute Teachers Committee, Emeritus Committee and Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee)
  • Reviewing RTAM financial policy, investments and considerations which resulted in the renewal of a GIC with Cambrian Credit Union, the review and adoption of all auditor suggestions and requests and a new budgeting system giving greater insite for planning and tracking purposes.
  • Internal review of the organization, operations and history resulting in updates to the Articles of Incorporation, RTAM Bylaws, new interim RTAM policies, new office policies, board development training with Volunteer Manitoba and a new board manual.

These are just some of the many highlights our team has achieved this year, with many more not listed or written. We encourage all members to connect with our President with any questions, ideas or concerns at 

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