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Student Success Portfolios

Student Success Portfolios

The Student Portfolio Project is designed to encourage students to develop a portfolio to collect their artifacts in Grade 9 through Grade 12 which are of value in applying for the RTAM Student Awards and other scholarships and bursaries.

Ad Hoc Committee Members: 

Linda Blair, Joan Dawson, Beth Smith and Joan Zaretsky (Chair)


We continue to add articles to the RTAM website including our “October Discussion Starter” and “Mentoring”. We are starting to plan with Gordon the development of two You Tube videos about our Program. We have redesigned our website to make it more reader friendly and helpful to our sponsors.    

We have a researcher in place, Andrew Augustyn, a U of M Masters student. He is very excited to do our research as he is exploring the topic of Mentoring for his Master’s Thesis. Andrew Augustyn is seeking one sponsor and their student relative to participate in our research.  Be the first to apply!

We had our first invitation for a Committee member to speak on our Program at an RTAM Chapter meeting!

We continue to seek applications from RTAM members who wish to support their family member in the development of a portfolio. We decided to open up the eligibility criteria to include students in Grades 9 and 10 as reflected in our revised application found online.  Portfolios are now available in French.

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