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Bylaws & Policy Committee

Bylaws & Policy Committee

For 2023 the Bylaws and Policy Committee was suspended to allow the new board to review and update the document, while familiarizing themselves with the procedures of RTAM. For 2023-24 the commitee may return, and if they do, they will continue to monitor and review the RTAM Bylaws and Policy documents according to the committee mandate, the direction of the Board of Directors and resolution of the AGM.

Bylaws and Policy documents should be viewed as living documents that reflect the ever-changing requirements of an organization. The committee reviews all parts of the documents to ensure their relevancy to our organization.

The committee (once resumed) will endeavour to keep the Board of Directors mindful of the timelines that must be adhered to regarding communication of any proposed bylaw change to all RTAM members prior to their May Annual General Meeting.

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