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Wellness Advocacy Committee

Wellness Advocacy Committee

If you have ideas for seminars, workshops, presenters, etc. please pass on your information to the office. Our committee may be able to use your information to put together that event.

Remember there is a Wellness grant. If your Chapter needs funds to proceed with a Wellness event, here is a grant that may provide these funds.

Chair: Gabe Mercier (Dauphin/Ochre River)


Linda Blair (Portage / Winnipeg) President - Ex Officio

Meryl Orth (Brandon)

Audrey Siemens - Leave (Winnipeg)

B. Joan Rink (Brookdale)

Anne Williams (Winnipeg)


These are seminars and workshops that RTAM has held in the past two years... please take a look at the list and if you would like to see some of these events again in 2023, email us and let us know! 

Email Ideas to Committee Chair, Gabe Mercier

Webinar Title Date In-person / Virtual Total Registrations
Spinal Health 28-Sep-2021 Virtual 10
Successful Aging, Fall Prevention 1-Oct-2021 Virtual 8
Heart & Storke 26-Oct-2022 Virtual 14
Trip Merchant 2-Nov-2021 Virtual 17
Advance Care Planning 24-Nov-2021 Virtual 26
Prestige and MEDOC Travel - Johnson 1-Dec-2021 Virtual 26
Retirement Well-being 21-Jan-2022 Virtual 30
Decluttering 25-Jan-2022 Virtual 52
Prostate Cancer 22-Feb-2022 Virtual 25
Hard of Hearing 22-Mar-2022 Virtual  
Photography Workshop September-22 Cancelled 17
Estate Planning 7-Oct-2022 Virtual 19
Death Doula 7-Dec-2022 Virtual 19