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Pension Committee

Pension Committee

Your Pension Committee is charged with looking into all matters related to the TRAF Pension.

The focal points in 2022-23 have been responding to Bill 208 (mandating a TRAF nominee from RTAM), clarifying demographic data of TRAF pensioners, and examining the effects of inflation on the TRAF pension in upcoming years. Their continuing interest in the welfare of fellow teachers and retirees spans many decades.

Chair: David Harkness


Audrey Siemens (Recording Secretary)

Pat Bowslaugh

Bill Cann

Ali Logan

Linda Blair (President, ex officio)

Sean Seywright (Executive Director, guest)


The largest highlight of this session was the passing of Bill 208, which sets one seat of the nine-seat TRAF Board to be filled from a list of RTAM nominees to be chosen by the Minister. We feel that this will provide a voice for retirees that may not be provided by other members of the Board. The

Committee proposed a selection process for Board Approval to facilitate choosing potential nominees.

The Committee has prepared sets of graphs regarding membership demographics to share with the President and other committees to help them with their goals.

The Committee has also prepared a set of graphs projecting the effects of inflation on pensioner incomes including their TRAF, CPP, and OAS income streams.

News and Updates


  1. Be current with the basic aspects of the Teachers’ Retirement Allowance Fund Board, the Teacher’s Pension Act and other relevant pension matters.
  2. Advise the Board on pension issues and make recommendations for policies and actions.
  3. Assist the board in responding on pension issues on behalf of RTAM members.
  4. Assist the board in educating members, other related parties, and the public on pension issues.
  5. Establish and maintain liaison with other relevant pension groups.
  6. Carry out the research process for RTAM’s nomination for the government’s discretionary appointment of a “representative” of retired Plan members to the TRAF Board, and shall conduct the search process and make recommendations in accordance with the RTAM Nomination Process for TRAF Board Appointment.

The Pension Committee is Seeking Grassroots Input

If you are interested in providing input or serving on the Pension Committee, please contact the Chair, the President, or the RTAM office.