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The Pas Retired Teachers Association

The Pas Retired Teachers Association

We are pleased that Vel McAdam stays informed about matters related to the provincial TRAF board. Vaughn Wadelius' input, also, is valued concerning provincial and national matters.

President: Vel McAdam

Address: Box 775, 1019 Halcrow Ave. The Pas, MB R9A 1K8

Phone: 204-623-3707



Our membership continues to meet sporadically, but serves on numerous other committees very vigorously.  The hospital, our local churches, and several service clubs and fraternal organizations are the lucky recipients of their many talents and expertise.

The RTAM group itself meet for lunch infrequently, but are always grateful for the varied information which we receive from the Board and/or its many committee activities via email.

Respectfully submitted

Vel McAdam (President)


Respectfully submitted by Vaughn Wadelius on behalf of Vel McAdam, President

As our community has undergone some significant financial pressures in the last two years, many retirees are opting to leave the community, or stay in teaching a bit longer. We are trying to continue to relay news of important activities of RTAM and ACER-CART to all our members.

Another activity has been to be aware of the provincial government intrusions into teacher pension issues. We have communicated with the local Kelsey Teachers Association to express our willingness to dialogue with and offer support to them on these critical issues should they call a local meeting. So far no reply.
As usual, our chapter members have many volunteer commitments that keep them active and reflect on the community's view of The Pas Retired Teachers' Association. These include The Pas Community Choir, The Pas Hospital Auxiliary, The Sam Waller Museum Board (and fund-raising), Citizens on Patrol, the Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees, The Pas Rotary, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Women's League and the Order of the Eastern Star to mention a few. All of these local organizations rely on teacher leadership and support

These hours devoted to community work mean many of our members find little time to devote to association meetings. We plan to conduct an annual end-of-the-year picnic, hopefully at Clearwater Lake in June, assuming our massive snowfall amount in 2017-18 has melted!

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The Pas Chapter held its AGM on June 26, 2017, at the Wescana Inn. For two previous years, the meeting had been part of a picnic at Clearwater Lake but this year, the weather did not cooperate.