Winnipeg Goldeyes

The Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba and the Winnipeg Goldeyes

One of our organizations mandates, is to find opportunities for our members to come together, stay active for life and have opportunities to meet others in our community. As such, we are always open to opportunities and partnerships from groups in the province, who can offer our members chances to achieve those goals and opportunities without adding costs to RTAM operations.

The Winnipeg Goldeyes recently reached out to RTAM to offer the first steps in a partnership which would see our members offered the "famous Goldeyes mini packs" which offer packaged seats for games during the summer, at a discount to walk up or normal pricing. Please take a look at the PDF below and reach out to the Goldeyes if you are interested in mini packs or season tickets: Goldeyes Mini Packs | Winnipeg Goldeyes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Is RTAM open to partnerships with all organizations?

A: Yes, as long as there is a benefit (as listed above) for our members, and the partnership doesn't require RTAM staff time, board or volunteer time or any type of financial investment or contribution by RTAM. In this case, the Goldeyes absorbed all of the cost of this promotion. They created the graphics, their team supports any calls or emails with questions, they paid for the printing and mailout! This meant RTAM didn't have to support the partnership with time or money, which we appreciate.

Q: Is RTAM pursuing any other promotions for members?

A: We are currently looking into more opportunities for our members with the Winnipeg Jets, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Valour Football Club and others!

Q: Is there any difference between the mini packs in this offer and other mini packs? 

A: No, there is not. All mini packs and promotions offer the same discounts as each other, they are savings compared to the walk-up or regular ticket pricing. If our mini packs were priced with better savings and larger discounts, the existing mini-pack holders would not be happy and this would create problems for other groups as well.

Q: Why use mail and not email?

A: We have a diverse set of members from ages 55 to 107! It's an amazing group with diverse needs. When starting a promotion or offer, we try (if and when possible) to use print for our older demographics who have identified as preferring print and paper and in some cases not being comfortable with digital communication.

We thank the Winnipeg Goldeyes for paying for all postage and handling on this offer!

Q: Was my personal contact information shared with the Winnipeg Goldeyes? How did they mail me?

A: When RTAM partners with a group looking to send information to our members (mail or email), we ensure to protect our members through the highest safety measures possible. Usually (as with this partnership) we use what is called a "3rd Party Clearinghouse". This is a group that specializes in protecting personal information. They act as an insured third party who collects our member information, then collects promotional material from another group and manages the mailout on behalf of everyone. This means the partner can send their message to our members, but never has access to that list or contact information.

Goldeyes Mailer