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February 2021

Dear RTAM Plan Member:

The RTAM Benefits Committee and the Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc. have completed the annual group insurance renewal for the travel, extended health and dental care plans renewing on April 1, 2021.


Dear Prestige Travel Customer,

We are pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2020 medical coverage under your Prestige Travel policy will include COVID-19 for the remainder of your current policy term and with your new Prestige Travel policy beginning April 1, 2021.

Although coverage for eligible medical expenses is now available, we strongly encourage customers to review the Government of Canada travel advisories before booking and travelling. Return transportation options and availability of medical care may become very limited outside Canada.

Your Prestige Travel policy now provides coverage for travel to areas outside Canada where travel advisories due to COVID-19 may still be in place. Please carefully review the details of the modifications to your Prestige Travel policy, which can be downloaded, printed and saved by going to

Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage remains in place, and is currently available for COVID-19 related cancellations if your trip was booked prior to the travel advisories being issued. However, as of April 1, 2021, Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage related to COVID-19 will not be available for any travel bookings made since the March 2020 travel advisories. Customers who have not made a trip cancellation claim for bookings made prior to the pandemic should refer to their policy to understand timelines to submit a claim, as travel advisory changes by the Government of Canada may impact claim eligibility.

We value your patronage and hope that you and your family are staying safe and well.

Johnson Inc.