Money and You: Seniors Edition

Welcome to the hub and home page for Money and You: seniors edition, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) and the Retired Teachers' Association of Manitoba. This will be the home for all your Money and You updates, access points and information!

RTAM and The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education have partnered through Money and You: Seniors Edition to bring new workshops, seminars and supports to RTAM members. We hope to deliver several seminars in hybrid formats over the Spring and the Summer months. Please visit the RTAM Events Page for all the upcoming Money and You presentations being offered.

Who are Money and You and the CFEE?: The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education(CFEE) is a national non-profit founded in 1974 that works to help Canadians prepare for their financial futures. They offer programs and resources for all stages of life to help you keep up with our evolving world and feel comfortable and confident with your financial decisions. CFEE is proud to offer all programs and services for free.

The CFEE, Money and You with partnership from RTAM will be offering monthly seminars and access to their monthly newsletter for RTAM Members! Please check back often as we provide new links to the monthly newsletter (available the 15th of each month, with contributions from the New Yorker) and new monthly videos from our RTAM seminars (which can also be found on the RTAM YouTube channel).

Money and You (CFEE) Monthly Newsletter:

The CFEE Seniors Newsletter March 1

CFEE Money and You March 2024

The CFEE Seniors Newsletter April 2024 1

CFEE Money and You April 2024 

Money and You with RTAM online presentations:

March Seminar - Money and You: Seniors "Introduction" This video highlights the first steps between the CFEE, Money and You and RTAM as Kevin and Linda sign into agreement a multi year partnership between both groups. An introduction to Money and You, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education and the start our series follow suit.(video coming soon).

April Seminar - Money and You: Seniors "Empower YOUR Future" Join host Kevin Maynard from Toronto as Money and You: Seniors talk about how to set plans now that will benefit us in our future and the implications of planning, budgeting and saving ahead of time.



Check out some of the Money and You free programs available for seniors:

Money and You: Seniors Edition –

  • MYSE is a comprehensive financial planning and management guide before and during retirement. 14 modules cover topics from decision-making to navigating pension income, travel, borrowing money in retirement, and even planning for the end of your life or someone close to you.

Let’s Talk Money: Seniors -

  • LTMS is designed to help seniors and adult children navigate intergenerational conversations about money, planning, and life decisions. It allows users to watch senior “champions” as they reflect on their conversations and access an extensive list of prompts and resources to support their own conversations.

See all programs at