Why Join RTAM

Talking Points

Upon retirement, you are no longer a member of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.

Since 1989, RTAM has been the voice for 10,000 retired teachers, serving their interests and advocating for their welfare. Our strength is in our collective voice and in the development of partnerships with provincial and national organizations such as the Government, political parties, the Manitoba Teachers’ Society, the Manitoba School Boards Association, the Manitoba Seniors Coalition as well as ACER-CART.

For $3.00/month deducted from your TRAF pension, you can enjoy the benefits of belonging, such as:

  • Access to the most comprehensive and economical Travel Insurance plans in Manitoba for retired teachers,
  • Access to Competitive Extended Health and Dental Insurance plans,
  • Political advocacy defending your Defined Benefit Pension plan, working conditions for retired teachers substituting and other Seniors’ issues,
  • A voice with Manitoba's provincial leadership and Ministers,
  • Part of the Manitoba Seniors Coalition network and community,
  • Great incentives through partners like Hearing Life, iAccompany and the City of Winnipeg to name a few,
  • Pre-Retirement and Wellness seminars/activities,
  • Opportunity to nominate a relative for a $1000 student award for first year post secondary education degree,
  • Annual bursary awarded to a qualified indigenous student at the University College of the North,
  • Free subscription to Keep in Touch (KIT), RTAM’s quarterly magazine,
  • Free subscription to the monthly RTAM electronic newsletter
  • Information sharing through the RTAM website, and
  • Join one of RTAM’s urban and rural Chapters or one of our Special Interest Groups to stay connected with former colleagues.

Further information is available at:

Phone: 204-889-3660 Toll-free: 1-888-393-8082 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: www.rtam.mb.ca

Sign up for RTAM membership on your TRAF Pension Application form.