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AGM Committee

AGM Committee

Much of the AGM preparations are managed by the RTAM Office Staff, in close communication with the Committee and the President.

This year, RTAM is most fortunate for and appreciative of the support of a dedicated and enthusiastic group of WREA volunteers for their assistance with the planning and facilitation of components of AGM 2019.

Chair: Linda Scott


Joan Dawson (Thompson)
Allen Havard (Winnipeg)
Esmeralda Havard (Winnipeg)
Arlene Billeck (Winnipeg)
Pat Olpalko (Winnipeg)
Emily Williamson (Winnipeg)
Laurel McFarlane (Winnipeg)
Lynda Tunny (Winnipeg)


1. Letters have been sent to the following individuals to present at the AGM:

  • Minister of Education and early Childhood Learning - Honourable Wayne Ewasko
  • MTS President - James Bedford
  • Jessica Simpson -  Johnson
  • R. Dowden - V.P. Johnson Group Benefits
  • TRAF - Jeff Norton
  • Renee McGurry - Indigenous Elder 

2. The following forms have been sent to KIT for publication:

  • Registration 
  • Call for Nominations
  • Board Nomination 
  • Volunteer to become a Committee Member
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Distinguished Chapter Service Award
  • Hotel  Registration

3. Reminder that the Committee Chair and Chapter reports are due March 30, 2022.

4. If anyone knows of a Chapter that would be interested in hosting the 2023 AGM, please let me know. 


Respectfully submitted by Joan Dawson, Chair (Thompson)

Members: Bill Cann (director), Arlene Billeck (RWTA), Laurel McFarlane (RWTA), Pat Opalko (RWTA), Emily Williamson (RWTA), Lynda Tunny (RWTA) 

In keeping with past practise, The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of RTAM alternates between a Winnipeg location and a non-Winnipeg location. The 2020 AGM is being held in Winnipeg at the Holiday Inn Winnipeg Airport West. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the AGM has been postponed until August 18 and 19 and will still be in the Holiday Inn Winnipeg Airport West. 

The Retired Women Teachers Association have volunteered to host this event with the assistance and cooperation of our very capable office staff. Together we have planned several interesting events including a tour of the RTAM website by Gayl Punzalan, our webmaster and KIT publisher, a celebration of Manitoba 150 and RTAM’s 31st year at the Tuesday evening reception and some very interesting guest speakers.  We are looking forward to the AGM and the hospitality of the RWTA in August and thank them for their hard work and the great ideas they have shared.

The Election process for AGM 2020 is under the oversight of Committee members Joan Dawson and Bill Cann. The Election Scrutineers will be RWTA members Emily Williamson, Laurel McFarlane and Arlene Billeck. 

As is past practise the next AGM will be in a non-Winnipeg location. RTAM is still looking for a Chapter to host the 2022 AGM. 

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