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Membership & Chapters Committee

Membership & Chapters Committee

The Membership and Chapters Committee will continue to support existing local chapters and to help create chapters in areas that are under represented in the province.

It will continue to promote membership with newly retired teachers through information seminars and to contact non-members wherever possible so that they can see the advantages of belonging to the only organization that works on their behalf.

Pre-Retirement seminars are offered to active teaches who are thinking of retiring in the near future.

For membership questions and concerns, please reach out to Dianne in the office. You can reach Dianne by email at or by phone (204) 889-3660.



  • Send RTAM brochures to MTS for distribution at their Pre-Retirement Seminars.
  • Place an article in Fall KIT about Retirement.


  • Send Welcome Letterto RTAM Chapter Presidents.


  • Make arrangements for Pre-Retirement Seminar for Winnipeg in February. (Or whatever date is suitable).
  • Make contact with Brandon members about Brandon Pre-Retirement Seminar. (They usually look after their own).
  • Thompson usually looks after their own Pre-Retirement Seminars.
  • These seminars may be offered virtually, all together or separately.
  • Speak to presenters about above Pre-Retirement Seminars.


  • Place advertisement in Manitoba Teacher (January/February Edition), KIT and RTAM website for the above Pre-Retirement Seminars. 
  • Send letters to Independent Schools and surrounding school divisions with information, and poster to distribute, about upcoming Pre-Retirement Seminars in their area.


  • Get documents and giveaways organized for the Pre-Retirement Seminar.


  • Pre-Retirement Seminar.


  • Get organized for the Annual General Meeting in May.


  • AGM
  • Review and update the content in the Join RTAM brochure.
  • Place an article in Manitoba Teacher “Why Join RTAM?” 


  • New member applications. 
  • Chapter Initiative Grant and Well Initiative Grant applications.
  • Articles for KIT re: Pre-Retirement Seminar ads, pictures, and articles about the seminar(s), also available on the RTAM website.
  • Keep RTAM website updated with Membership and Chapter information.