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Retired Women Teachers' Association

Our chapter membership is open to all retired women teachers in Manitoba. Please contact Pat Opalko ( or Cecile Alarie-Skene ( for a membership form or DOWNLOAD HERE

Retired Women Teachers’ Association Executive for 2021–2022

President                            Pat Opalko                                  

Vice President                     open                           

Past President                    Cecile Alarie-Skene                    

Membership Convener       Cecile Alarie-Skene

Treasurer                            Phyllis Arnold-Luedtke                

Recording Secretary           Isabelle Garand

Corresponding Secretary    Brenda Zebrynski                        

Luncheon Coordinator         Lynda Tunny   

Social Committee                Louise Burton (ch)                     

Social Committee                Arlene Billeck

Social Committee                Laurel McFarlane             

Tickets                                 Barb Haddow

Tickets                                 Vi Hultin                                    

RTAM/Pensions                  Peggy Prendergast

Visiting Committee             Emily Williamson             

Visiting Committee             Lenore Butler

Publicity                              Helen Norrie                                

Archivist                              Jacquie Field             

Pianist                                Charlotte Stech

Phoning Committee:  Kathy Deyman, Shirley Hampton, Pat Graefer, Bev Wilkinson


2021-2022 Report for RTAM

Respectfully submitted: Pat Opalko, RWTA President

The Retired Women Teachers’ Association (RWTA) is an association of retired women educators of Manitoba.

We meet on a social basis four times a year in September, December, February and April to enjoy lunching together, make friends and continue relationships formed during our teaching careers.

This year continued to be a challenge. The COVID-19 Pandemic curtailed our luncheons for the second year. The RWTA membership fee of $8.00 was waved and extended to September 2022. The Executive and Phoning Committee agreed to continue until it was safe to hold a luncheon and AGM.

Through the year we connected with members in more traditional ways. Every few months, members were contacted via phone, email and/or regular mail to chat and enquire as to how they were doing.

The highlight of our 2021-2022 year (our 70th as an association) was our mail-out projects to members in May and December 2021. In May, members received, by mail, a “thinking of you” card, a poem and a “tea bag”. Members were encouraged to enjoy their tea on a specific day and time when we would all enjoy tea “together”.

In December, the greeting card sent to members included a chocolate to celebrate the Holiday season.

Now rested, smiling and happy that the MB Government has lifted restrictions and COVID-19 is waning, the Retired Women Teachers’ Association has planned a luncheon for April 21, 2022 at Masonic Centre! Members will be contacted via phone or email as to their attendance.

As RWTA President, I thank our RWTA Executive, Phoning Committee and all members for their friendship, encouragement and support.

On behalf of the RWTA Executive and membership, we thank RTAM for its dedication and financial support of the 2021 Chapter Initiative Grant and the 2021 Wellness Initiative Grant. The grants made it possible for RWTA to send two special mailing projects to members, including our Shut-ins.

We invite and welcome all retired women educators to join the Retired Women Teachers’ Association.


Pat Opalko,

RWTA President 2019-2022

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