Bill 208 (Teachers’ Pension Amendment Act)

Update: Bill 208 Heading to Final Reading - November 1st, 2022 at 10am

Please join us for the (fingers crossed) 3rd and final successful reading of Bill 208, which would see RTAM have a seat on the TRAF board for (teacher pensions) moving forward.

This historic event is being read and sponsored on November 1st, 2022 (10am) at the Manitoba Legislative Assembly.

Those looking to attend in person, please note that space is very limited. However, if you would like to follow along online, everyone is welcome to do so on the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba YOUTUBE channel.

We hope to celebrate with everyone on this historic day!

Join Us Bill 208

Bill 208 (Teachers’ Pension Amendment Act) unanimously passed Second Reading and is moving to final stages and a third reading.

Thank you to the Honorable Cindy Lamoureux for her work presenting and supporting Bill 208 to the Province of Manitoba. In addition, thanks are also due to all of the political advocates, politicians and our previous RTAM Board of Directors and Executive for this amazing and momentous work and achievement! The unanimous passing of this Private Member’s Bill to provide RTAM with a seat on the TRAF Board, may be the most significant advancement of our political advocacy goals in the last 15-20 years.

Bill 208 PosterThe next step for Bill 208 now, is to go to a committee stage (and we aren’t sure when that session will be called). However, the Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba (RTAM) would encourage members to register as an individual presenter when the Bill is called to committee. Presentations can be made in-person, virtually or by written submission. You are able to register anytime by calling the Clerks office at 204-945-3636. Making a virtual presentation or a written submission in support of the Bill 208 may save you travel time.

We have high hopes that Bill 208 will make its way through committee successfully (knowing we have support from the MLAs from all three of Manitoba’s major political parties  as well as President James Bedford of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society) and then will need to be brought back for third reading debate and a final vote. Again, the timeline on that depends on committee, we expect the Bill to go to committee within the next couple of weeks or months and then third reading debate to take place in October (but these are just guesses at this time).

We thank all our members and partners in community for their continued support and advocacy on Bill 208.

To learn more, please visit > The Teachers' Pensions Amendment Act (

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