The 2019 RTAM Student Award Endowment Fund recipients will be announced in the Winter ‘Keep in Touch’ (KIT) magazine and on our website.  Did you know the Fund has reached a monetary value large enough to provide $850 awards in 2019 to four students who are relatives of RTAM members?  Through the compounding ability of the monies held at the Winnipeg Foundation, these awards will increase exponentially FOREVER to provide young relatives of RTAM members support to realize their educational goals in the future.  These young people will be the leaders of the future.  Why wouldn’t we want to be part of their future success? 

The increase in the fund over five years has raised the award money to almost double its beginning value.  Could that come next year?  It is possible with your help.  Each dollar we provide to the capital of the fund increases each year with the investing expertise of the Winnipeg Foundation.

Let’s make $1000 awards our goal for 2020!  Some of us often send a donation to a charity in memory of a loved one who has passed away.  Consider leaving a gift in your will or even the proceeds of an insurance policy where the Winnipeg Foundation is the beneficiary.  Make the RTAM Endowment Fund at the Winnipeg Foundation your charity of choice for 2020.  Encourage a young person who is beginning their adult life by investing in their education.  We have spent so many years of our lives investing ourselves in the young people we have been fortunate enough to teach, why not continue that investment by supporting those who are dearest to us, our grandchildren, nieces and nephews who have a passion for education.   Information under the Student Award Committee tab on the RTAM website: www.rtam.mb.ca will tell you how or call the Winnipeg Foundation or the RTAM office.

The following four letters are written by sponsoring RTAM members whose relatives benefited from award monies in 2013.  Help make this your member benefit by encouraging your young relatives to apply for an award when they graduate from Grade 12.

Anthony Ferens

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My son, Anthony Ferens won a scholarship the first year our retired teaching society offered it.  Since receiving the scholarship in 2013, Anthony has had many opportunities and has accomplished many things.  Attending university was going to be difficult with learning disabilities, but that didn’t stop him from challenging himself. He auditioned for the 4 year honours program.

While he was in his third and fourth year of honours and devised theatre this past year, he performed in 5 productions. There was little time for a part time job with these long school hours and commitment. Scholarships were greatly appreciated to start his education.

Other accomplishments include achieving his gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, 2 scholarships from RMTC, the prestigious Hubbell Award (air cadets), and several awards and full scholarships from Talent INC. in Toronto and Orlando.  

Presently, Anthony is enjoying his recent accomplishment of completing an honours degree:  being successful despite his dyslexic disability; beating the odds; being able to choose and further study in a career he loves.  Anthony appreciates his family’s support and the many teachers and mentors who have encouraged him to take risks, follow his dreams, and do wonderful things.  He is very thankful for the financial assistance he has received.

Sandra Ferens
Winnipeg, MB

Aven Glufka

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Following my granddaughter, Aven Glufka’s graduation from grade 12 and receiving one of the first RTAM awards, she enrolled in the University of Winnipeg.  In 2017 she completed her B.A. degree with a double major in French and Theatre, receiving the Gold Medal in Theatre Studies. 

She enrolled in the Faculty of Education program at U. of W. 

On completion of her first year she was accepted into the 10 month International program between U. of W. and Thailand.  She did her final year and practicum at Lertlah School in Bangkok, Thailand.  She completed her studies at the end of February 2019.  The award financially helped her to work towards achieving her dream of becoming a teacher. We are proud that she chose to carry on the family tradition of teaching. 

I hope this note tells you Aven’s story so far.  She is enjoying her experiences

Elizabeth Stewart
Brandon, MB

Calene Treichel

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I am writing in regard to the letter from Peggy Prendergast, asking about how my granddaughter used her $500 award, in 2013, and how she is doing now.

Calene Treichel was a recipient of a $500 RTAM Student Award, when she was graduated from high school in Boissevain, in 2013.  Getting this award was very beneficial for her University expenses and was used towards paying her tuition for her first year at the University of Manitoba, beginning her Engineering Degree.

In 2018, Calene graduate with a Mechanical Engineering Degree, and was honoured by being awarded with the medal for graduating with the highest overall average in the 2018 class.  Calene is continuing her education at Carleton University, in Ottawa, where she is taking her Master’s Degree.  Good luck Calene.

Marlene Kentner
Dauphin, MB

Kelly Yeo

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You had asked how my granddaughter Kelly Yeo, a first year recipient of a RTAM Student Award that she very much appreciated receiving, is doing.  It is a pleasure to provide an update for you.

Kelly began her final year of studies in Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba in September (2018).  She has recorded an extraordinary academic record there over the past three years.

On June 3, 2018 she was presented with a Centennial Leadership Award while attending the annual Canadian Pharmacy Association Awards Ceremony in Fredericton, New Brunswick as a U. of M. delegate.  A copy of the awards biography is enclosed.  Kelly has won numerous other scholarships over the span of her pharmacy and pre-pharmacy studies.  We are, needless to say, very proud of her efforts.

The practice of giving out RTAM Student Awards is a fine idea.  Based on our granddaughter’s experience, I can certainly attest to the need for such awards and their value to the recipient.

Kelly Yeo is from the small town of Stonewall, MB. After being given the opportunity to shadow a few pharmacists at a local pharmacy, she knew it was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She often tells people that this was the best decision she has ever made. During her time at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba, Kelly has been very involved in advocating for the profession as one of Manitoba’s CAPSI representatives, and her passion for pharmacy quickly grew. Her greatest wish is to continue to spread this passion to others in the hopes of continuing to push this wonderful profession even further!

Dale Yeo
Stonewall, MB