2016 Award Winners


RTAM established an endowment fund with The Winnipeg Foundation in 2013 with an initial contribution of $50,000. This fund provides support for four $500.00 awards each year to a Grade 12 graduate who is: sponsored by a relative who is an RTAM member, involved in school and community activities, and enrolled in some form of post-secondary education. There were 45 award applications again submitted this year.

As retired teachers we place a strong value on education. Growing the RTAM Endowment Fund at the Foundation would allow us to enlarge the size of the award available to each student, and, possibly expand the support for young people in their studies to include post graduate students and students already enrolled in post-secondary education.

Please consider assisting in the growth of the RTAM Endowment Fund. It is listed as a registered charity through Canada Revenue Agency. The Retired Teachers of Manitoba Endowment Fund is held with The Winnipeg Foundation. Contributions can be made through them by phone, mail or internet. A tax receipt will be issued by the Winnipeg Foundation for your contribution to the fund. Bequests in your will or a memorial contribution as part of your funeral arrangements are suggestions for your consideration.

Online donation information:

  1. Go to The Winnipeg Foundation site
  2. Go to the “Make a Gift” tab
  3. Scroll down to the “Search” box and type in RTAM. It should take you to the Retired Teachers Endowment Fund page to make your donation.