2017 Award Winners


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Jane Harkness


David Harkness


Madison Lambert

Portage la Prairie

Linda M. Green


Katlaina McEwen-McMillan


Eleanor McMillan


Julia Miles


Salvatore Scaletta


Jack Osiowy


Doreen Poersch


RTAM established an endowment fund with The Winnipeg Foundation in 2013 with an initial contribution of $50,000. This fund provides support for four $600.00 awards each year to a Grade 12 graduate who is: sponsored by a relative who is an RTAM member, involved in school and community activities, and enrolled in some form of post-secondary education. There were 36 award applications submitted again this year. The selection committee strongly agreed there should be a fifth award this year. The RTAM Board concurred.

As retired teachers, we place a strong value on education. Growing the RTAM Endowment Fund at the Foundation would allow us to enlarge the size of the award available to each student to at least $1000, and, possibly expand the support for young people in their studies to include post graduate students and students already enrolled in post-secondary education. Compounding is working well so far with the fund which on December 31, 2016, had a market value of $63,325.03.

On a personal note, I received two scholarships when I was entering university 70 years ago because one of the conditions on applying was that I be a child of a veteran. As much as the money was appreciated at the time so was the support I received in self-confidence. It was a young high school chemistry teacher who was a veteran himself who insisted I apply for these scholarships. As a result of my actions and in receiving these awards, my father's service in the army was recognized in a way that was a delight to him and my dreams of a University education were realized. It became a family dream come true. I know it has the same effect in the RTAM families that participate in this program, Any RTAM member will be delighted they could support and help a student in their family. It also follows the "Pay it Forward" philosophy of living. Who better than retired teachers know the benefits of education? What a legacy we will leave!

Help grow the Retired Teachers of Manitoba Endowment Fund, held with The Winnipeg Foundation. Gifts can be made through The Foundation by phone, mail or internet. The Winnipeg Foundation is the registered charity through CRA and through the Winnipeg Foundation gifts to the fund are eligible for tax receipts. A bequest in your will or a memorial contribution as part of your funeral arrangements are suggestions for your consideration as is a donation as part of your annual charity giving.

Because an endowment fund lasts forever, a bequest to the Retired Teachers’ Endowment Fund through The Winnipeg Foundation is a powerful choice for supporting your community for generations to come, specifically helping young people realizing their dreams in attending post-secondary education. Everyone has their own reasons for planning a gift. Whether you want to create a legacy, generate tax savings or organize your estate, we are happy to work with you. If you need more information or already know exactly how you want to make a difference, please contact Jennifer Aarhus, at The Winnipeg Foundation at 204-944-9474 ext 259 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..