Anthology by Dennis Storozinski

Armit School 1963-64
In my one room school the janitor came in the early evening to clean the school and to bring water for the school and my teacher age.. In September the library and paper storage cupboards soon showed evidence of a mouse problem. The janitor and I would set out bait and gather up blackboard brushes on the front desks and wait quietly. Our targets soon came out for a snack and we had a friendly competition to see who could hit the most mice with the brushes. Mouse traps were later set in the cupboards and early next morning it was my job to check our trap line before the students arrived for classes.

Amaranth School 1964-66
I moved to Amaranth School for the next two years. This school had a very talented janitor with a unique lifestyle. He appeared to be semi-homeless and would make his home in the staff room of the school for the cold winter months. After he had completed his cleaning duties, he had supper, and then got out his fiddle. When the teachers discovered his routine they would go over to the school after dark, leave the hall lights off and quietly prepare their lessons for the next day while they listened to the fiddle music that could be heard throughout the building.
They had an excellent custodian and fiddler who did not realize that he often had an audience.

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