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May/June 2021 Highlights

On May 9, Patricia Thibodeau, president of the EMR Chapter (Éducatrices et Éducateurs manitobains á la retraite) completed the French translation of RTAM’s Bill 64 position, which was then posted on the website.

On May 13 and 15, The RTAM President attended the Manitoba Teachers’ Society AGM as an Observer. I was impressed with the technology and the three independent chairs used to run the virtual meeting efficiently. The utilization of timed Breakout Room discussions of previously submitted Resolutions was an interesting method of engaging delegates.

On May 19, the Executive and Alison Logan presented RTAM’s requests for legislative recognition as the official voice of retired teachers in Manitoba, COLA concerns as well as RTAM’s Bill 64 Position to Education Minister Cliff Cullen and Deputy Minister Dana Rudy. 

On June 04, Vice President JoAnne Hoyak (Director) and President Bill Cann (Observer) attended the ACER-CART virtual AGM. ACER-CART President Gerry Teide publicly thanked RTAM for the donation of $5,000 which was used to purchase software to facilitate an electronic election letter writing campaign in support of a National Seniors Strategy and a National Pharmacare program.

On June 7, the Executive initiated its Mentoring/Succession plan by welcoming Directors Linda Blair and Alison Logan as observers to its monthly meeting. The meeting focused on a new budget format, Bill 64, refining the June 16 Board meeting agenda and the June 23 MTS/RTAM Liaison meeting agenda.

Respectfully submitted by

Bill Cann, President

March/April 2021 Highlights

On March 19, the RTAM Executive participated in a Zoom meeting with Jeff Norton and Brad Prokop of TRAF. The two main topics covered were:

  1. an update on Government’s decision to move ahead with the Centralization of Pension Investment Management and
  2. the 1996-2021 Bank of Canada Inflation calculator of 05% compared to the COLA grants of 27.44%. Inflation. The loss of pension purchasing power is 29.61 % over 25 years or 1.1844% per year.

On March 25, JoAnne Hoyak and I participated in the 4th MTS/RTAM Liaison meeting. We addressed the following issues: requested a joint committee to study how to change the Teachers’ Pension Act to better reflect the impact of inflation on the annual COLA grant; MTS recognition of RTAM as the official voice of retired teachers; and Bill 64 Positions.

On March 29, the Executive meeting focused on completing the website contract with Blue Ink Media, RTAM’s Bill 64 Position, the COLA/Inflation situation, the membership database and a number of time management improvements for Board meetings.

On April 8, the Board of Directors unanimously approved RTAM’s Position on Bill 64. A copy of this document is attached. I would appreciate you distributing it to your members. It will also be posted on the RTAM website and printed in the Summer edition of KIT. I will also be sending it, along with a cover letter, to the leaders of Manitoba’s political parties,

Respectfully submitted by

Bill Cann, President