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The Terms of Reference for the committee are as follows:

a) be responsible for the planning, implementing and evaluation of the PR goals of the organization;

b) publicize events sponsored by RTAM and/or its committees;

c) maintain liaison with the editor of and facilitate publication of RTAM news in “The Manitoba Teacher”;

d) through liaison with Chapters, facilitate publication of significant news about RTAM in community newspapers and in other print and electronic media;

e) purchase promotional items for RTAM.


Committee Chair & Member/s

Guy Hansen
  • Shannon Culbertson (Brandon)
  • Ken Malcolm (Dauphin)
  • John Sushelnitsky (Portage la Prairie)
  • Linda York (Dugald)

November 2021 Highlights

The committee has worked on 3 initiatives this summer: promotion of United Nations Day of the Older Person, the Celebration of Remembrance Day on November 11, and to publicize our UCN/RTAM bursary. 

The PR Committee would like to remind RTAM members about registering for Trip Merchant Newsletter and the Union Savings discount program. 

The Committee has reviewed the following: a new funding model for our UCN Award/Bursary and

the possibility of honouring members posthumously with possible donations.

Committee Report to the 2020 RTAM AGM

2019-2020 Public Relations Committee Report

Over the summer/fall, we were with MTS in their 1919 General Strike walk, and their Labor Day parade. We also carried our flag at the Climate Crises Rally.

We invited an author, Harriett Zaidman as a lunchtime guest speaker. Harriet, a retired Winnipeg teacher, had family roots going back to the 1919 riot. Her grandpa was there.

Harriett’s book is currently used in Winnipeg schools to highlight the contribution that this 1919 General Strike made for the advancement of workers’ rights in our country. PR highlighted this book in KIT. 

Early in the year PR knew we must, in some way, recognize Manitoba 150.

We chose to compile a small book of Manitoba Teacher Vignettes. Money was available through Manitoba 150. Our grant application was not successful, but the project did not die. We have received several contributions from members, one will be published in this KIT, space permitting. Others will be available on our website. This is too good an idea to leave behind. It is a delightful project. With your help it will grow.

On November 11, with the help of Jo Anne Hoyak of MacGregor, we laid a wreath in memory of our fallen servicemen.

Public Relations is in the process of publishing a small Reconciliatory book by our Indigenous Award winner from UCN, The Pas. Brie Phillips wrote the book and did the watercolors. Once again our grant application was not successful; in April the board decided that we would publish this book ourselves, and gift a copy to each school library in Manitoba.

Public Relations co-operated with Membership in promoting an RTAM add for the Manitoba Teacher magazine. It is hoped that this will attract new members to our RTAM group as they retire.

Last, certainly not least, PR is promoting further visibility of the RTAM name by suggesting  changes of Chapter names, each Chapter name to start with the letters    RTAM. This is called branding. It has wide acceptance by the Chapter Chairs. It will be brought to our AGM for discussion/decision.

It has been an interesting year. 

Thank you to the committee for their hard work.

Helene Beauchemin, Ken Malcolm, Pat Bowslaugh, John Sushelnitsky

Guy Hansen,    Public Relations Chair.

Borrowing the RTAM Flags and Banner


The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the following items are available for short-term loan to RTAM members.
· 2 flags with the RTAM name and logo
· a pull-up banner with the RTAM logo and the slogans “The Voice of Retired Teachers” and “RTAM’s strength is in the collective will of our members”.
· parade/wall banner with “Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba” centred between RTAM logos.

Listed below is all the information needed to borrow any of these items:

1. The RTAM flags and/or banner may be used by RTAM Board Members, Committee Members, Chapters and individual RTAM members for community events which serve to enhance the profile of RTAM, specifically, and retired teachers, generally within a community.

2. Procedure for Requesting Use of the RTAM Flag and/or Banner

a. The flag and/or banner may be made available by providing the following details via email to or other means:
i. The event (program)
ii. The location of the event (town)
iii. The time of the event (day, month)
iv. The name, mailing address, phone number and email of the person receiving the flag and assuming responsibility for its care and return to the office.
b. The Member Services Coordinator (MSC) will review the application to ensure that the event aligns with the Objects and/or Values and Principles upon which RTAM is based.
c. The MSC will notify the requestor whether or not the application has been approved and will confirm the shipping or pick-up arrangements.
d. The cost of shipping the flag and returning it to the RTAM office will be paid both ways by RTAM.

Please contact the RTAM office at 204-889-3660, 1-888-393-8082 or if you require further information.


An afternoon half-day meeting is held monthly in conjunction with the RTAM Board Meeting.


Announcements are made in consultation with the Board, the President and the Executive Director in the form of press releases.


Meetings are held with public relations personnel in the Seniors coalition and the MTS as the situation warrants.