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The Bylaws and Policy Committee continues to monitor and review the RTAM Bylaws and Policy documents according to the committee mandate, the direction of the Board of Directors and resolution of the AGM. Bylaws and Policy documents should be viewed as living documents that reflect the ever-changing requirements of an organization. The committee reviews all parts of the documents to ensure their relevancy to our organization.

The committee will endeavour to keep the Board of Directors mindful of the timelines that must be adhered to regarding communication of any proposed bylaw change to all RTAM members prior to their May Annual General Meeting.


Committee Chair & Member/s


Beth Smith

  • Rosalie Bornn, Dauphin
  • Charles Clifford, Portage la Prairie
  • Joan Dawson, Thompson
  • Dorothy Young, Winnipeg
General Bylaws and Policy Manual
Committee Report to the Last RTAM AGM

Report to the 2019 AGM

Respectfully submitted by Beth Smith, Chair (Dauphin)

Members: Charles Clifford (Portage la Prairie), Vel McAdam (The Pas), Dorothy Young (Winnipeg)

Committee communication and collaboration throughout the year consisted of two committee meetings, with e-mail and phone communication between meetings and amongst members.

The main task of the Committee for 2018-2019 was the complete review and revision of the RTAM Bylaws Manual. In addition, the Committee dealt with recommendations, additions and updates of bylaws and policies that were referred for consideration by the Board of Directors, through the RTAM committee channels and by Staff. As a result, at the February 2019 Board meeting, four Bylaw motions were affirmed and will be brought to AGM 2019 for approval by the required 2/3 majority vote. As well, five interim policy statements are being brought to AGM 2019 for disposition.

Thank you to President Dawson, Past President Bornn and the Board of Directors for their valuable input and their support of the Committee. Sincere appreciation is extended to the Bylaws and Policy Committee members for their hard work and efforts throughout the year. Their mentorship has been extremely helpful in my first year as Chair of this Committee.