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The Benefits Committee’s job is to review yearly with Johnson Inc. all benefit plans for content and costs for our members.

Each year Johnson provides the data on the costs associated with these respective plans and recommends to the Board the terms of payment for each plan for the next year. Naturally we try to keep costs stable for the ensuing year.


Committee Chair & Member/s
Pat Bowslaugh

  • Dave Najduch
  • Joan Rink
  • Brian Paterson
  • Shannon Culbertson
  • Bill Cann


NOVEMBER 2020 Update

Benefits Committee Highlights

One of the several key supports of your membership in RTAM is your access to our very own, tailored to retired teachers, insurance plans.

The following are the benefit plans currently available to you:

* Prestige Travel (Full members only)

* MEDOC Travel (Full and associates

* Trip Cancellation (Full Member, Associates, Friends and Family)

* Dental Care

* Extended Health Care: Core Plan

* Extended Health Care: Enhanced

* Home Insurance

* Life Insurance

Our plans are designed to be eclectic in coverage and competitive in premium rates.

Johnson, Inc. is the company that searches for the insurance providers with the coverages that best meet our needs including the specifics that reflect the requests of RTAM members.

For any further questions about the above plans please call our dedicated service representative at Johnson who can be reached at 1-877-989-2600 or email at

Our website is

Please join us!


Committee Report to the Last RTAM AGM

Report to the 2019 AGM

Respectfully submitted by Pat Bowslaugh, Chair (Brandon)

Members: Raymond Bisson (Winnipeg), Wayne Hughes (Winnipeg), Vel McAdam (The Pas), Judy Olmstead (Brandon), Doreen Sage (Neepawa)

This has been a busy year for the Committee tasked with working in conjunction with Johnson Inc. as we attempt to provide the best coverages for our RTAM members. 

The biggest change, effective April 1, 2019, is with the Travel Plan. Facing a situation in which our previous provider requested a premium increase of over 36%, Johnson searched for new carriers which ended with Prestige Travel through Royal and Sun Alliance. All of the previous travel benefits continue but with enhancements including:

  • Up to a $5.0 Million maximum.  
  • Multiple trips may be taken within Canada and multiple trips of 62 days may be taken outside of Canada.  
  • The Trip Cancellation Coverage has increased from $7,000 to $8,000 per insured person.
  • Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage is now $3,000 per family.

Please read the Certificate of Insurance carefully for all details. The great news is the premiums for the upcoming term remain the same as last year’s policy costs. 

The second travel coverage option is MEDOC. These coverages of 17 or 35 days are sensitive to health changes which must always be reported. There are two Extended Health Care plans: the Core Plan and Enhanced Plan. Based on numerous costs, the premium rates increased by 1.6%.The Dental Care Plan premium increase of 1.3% reflects the increased costs of dental care. Our plan will now cover both metal and coloured amalgam fillings as opposed to previously when only the least expensive were covered.  RTAM Members also have access to Home Insurance and Life Insurance coverages. For information on these plans please contact Johnson at 1-877-989-2600.

Your Benefits Committee met formally a total of six times. Our Johnson Team of Jessica Simpson and Jeff Bennett met personally for our first meeting and then with each of the next five meetings through teleconference contact. We feel especially blessed for this relationship for if we had anything arise between our regular meetings a text message, email or phone call provided us with immediate support.

We also were recipients of phone calls and letters from members. These are appreciated and are used to negotiate new details for our plans. Most of these ongoing tips have been reported in KIT for your support.