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For those of you who have not yet completed an application to enroll your family member into the Student Success Portfolio Project, below are some reasons to participate in this “win-win” program.  There are benefits for everyone involved!



1.     The project will provide the means and incentive to increase communication between RTAM members and their family high school students they are sponsoring.

1      Portfolios encourage the collection of artifacts and evidence by the student to support their successful writing of award and scholarships applications.

2.     Recognizing the importance of a post-secondary education, RTAM members can feel pride in the role they will play in supporting their family members to be awarded funding to help with the high costs of today’s world.

2      Portfolios help students focus on their knowledge, skills and attitudes to support their successful applications for bursaries and scholarship.

3.     This project will provide RTAM members with an opportunity to experience renewed passion in their roles as teacher and mentor working with their family members.

3      Portfolios help students track their changes and growth in important leadership skills through their high school experience.

4.     RTAM member involvement with their family members will promote positive mental health opportunities during a time when COVID has caused many to experience social and physical isolation.

4      Portfolios assist the student in becoming more aware of their own learning experiences and history.

5.     RTAM member involvement will support a sense of purpose in their lives and offer them a sense of social value to society.

5      Portfolios provide a framework to encourage students’ self-assessment leading to a more accurate choice of how they want to spend their future, their career aspirations.

6.     RTAM members will increase their opportunities to know and understand their youth family members’ challenges and issues while developing a relationship and creating a sense of trust.

6      Portfolios provide a framework with resources for building a resume and completing university/college entrance applications as well as job applications.

7.     RTAM members can offer direct input into the writing of the applications to enhance the students’ chances of being successful.

7      Portfolios save the student the time and agony of trying to recall their experiences and gather all their information to complete applications in their graduating year.


8      Portfolios provide students support to practice informed decision-making regarding their personal and professional opportunity selections.

As you can see by reading this, there are benefits for both of these intergenerational groups, promoting a “Win-Win” situation for all involved!