RTAM & iAccompany Pilot Project

RTAM is undertaking a new "Pilot Project" with collaborators and partners atiAccompany
During this "Pilot Project" RTAM members can sign up to receive iAccompany services. These services are designed for people going to medical appointments who would like support. Support can come in the form of:
- Having someone accompany you to the doctors office
- Having someone help you with registration or forms at the doctors office
- Having someone sit with you during your appointment to help ask and answer questions of your doctor
- Having someone go with you after the appointment to secure prescriptions or other needs


This is a $250-$300 value, (which will be offered to the first 5 people who sign up) free of charge or cost. ZERO COST FOR THE PROGRAM DURING TEST PHASE!!!
If you are interested, please book through IAccompany online today. If you have questions, please call us in the RTAM office at (204)889-3660
iAccompany 1  iAccompany 2
Fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.