RTAM and iAccompany - A partnership supporting members in a time of need.

About iAccompany - Peace of Mind, for when family simply can’t be there

iAccompany provides improved appointment outcomes for aging adults visiting their healthcare providers. Our enabling technology, both web-based and mobile applications, allows you to book an appointment with one of our qualified nurses (BN, RN, LPN) for aging adults or family loved ones.

Our iAccompany nurse will:
• arrive at your aging parent or loved one’s residence/location and accompany them to their appointment through pre-arranged accessible commercial transportation.
• be present in the examination room with the healthcare provider.
• take notes on the information the physician provides, ask clarifying questions on behalf of the family and understand recommended protocols.
• arrange for follow-up appointments.
• accompany your aging parent or loved one to post-appointment activities such as the pharmacy, lab or medical supplies vendor.
• accompany your aging parent or loved one safely back to their residence/location.
• provide a clear and concise peer-reviewed written report after the appointment, which will be provided through a secure link to your email and phone.

Our service is built to accommodate the schedules of retired teachers. We assist the retired teacher with the responsibility of caring for an aging parent or family loved one. We can help relieve any guilt or stress associated with caring for aging loved ones and being involved in their healthcare needs. Our service addresses caregiver fatigue by allowing you to stay connected even when iAccompany assumes the role of family representative. IAccompany provides peace of mind through our qualified and passionate nurses who will treat your loved one as their own. We would love to offer members of the RTAM who are interested in using our service a complimentary experience of our service. Looking forward to exploring how we can help your members further.

iAccompany Final Flyer

Winnipeg Free Press article on IAccompany - "It's the next best thing to being there"

Video Testimonial from RTAM Member - Linda Scott

For more information please visit and contact iAccompany:

(204) 291-4779  // // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // 380 Montrose Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba - Canada

Corporate Employee Wellness

Program Passes
The City of Winnipeg’s Corporate Employee Wellness Program offers reduced rates for fitness services at designated City of Winnipeg operated facilities.
There are two different types of passes available for corporate groups:
Facility Passes and Active Living Passes. These passes can be purchased for either six months or one year. Facility and Active Living Passes provide the flexibility to exercise when and where it is convenient. With a number of City of Winnipeg aquatic facilities and leisure centres located throughout the City, there are active living opportunities close to home and work.
Facility Pass
Facility Passes can be used for general admission during public hours at any City of Winnipeg aquatic facility or leisure centre. These facilities offer a variety of amenities including pools, whirlpools, saunas, indoor tracks, weight rooms, cardio equipment and fitness areas. Amenities differ from facility to facility.
Active Living Pass
The versatile Active Living Pass offers all the benefits of the Facility Pass, and can also be used for any City of Winnipeg drop-in Active Living class. There are a number of aquafitness and fitness classes to choose from.
The Corporate Employee Wellness Program is offered to any company or organization with 12 or more individuals interested in purchasing a pass.
Individuals can purchase a pass for themselves and sponsor up to five family members or friends at the same rate.
How to Become a Corporate Employee Wellness Program Member
Individuals (including retirees) can go to any City of Winnipeg aquatic facility or leisure centre or 395 Main Street with proof of employment/association to purchase a pass.
Examples of proof of employment/association include:
• Letter on company/organization letterhead stating full name of individual and verifying that they are a retiree, employee or member A Corporate Employee Wellness Program member wanting to sponsor
family members or friends must complete a Sponsorship Form, which can be obtained by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visiting any City of Winnipeg aquatic facility or leisure centre.

Aquatic Facilities
Aquafitness drop-in programs are available at all aquatic facilities (with the exception of Eldon Ross).
• Bonivital 1215 Archibald St. swim, sauna, hot tub
• Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex 999 Sargent Ave. swim, sauna, diving boards, weight room, cardio equipment, track
• Eldon Ross 1887 Pacific Ave. W swim, whirlpool
• Elmwood Kildonans 909 Concordia Ave. swim, sauna, diving board, weight room, cardio equipment, water slide (additional fee)
• Kinsmen Sherbrook 381 Sherbrook St. swim, weight room, cardio equipment
• Margaret Grant 685 Dalhousie Dr. swim
• Pan Am 25 Poseidon Bay swim, weight room, diving boards, cardio equipment, walk/jog area
• Sergeant Tommy Prince Place 90 Sinclair St. swim, weight room, cardio equipment
• Seven Oaks 444 Adsum Dr. swim, sauna, diving boards
• St. James Assiniboia Centennial 644 Parkdale St. swim, sauna, diving board, whirlpool, weight room, cardio equipment, track
• St. James Civic Centre 2055 Ness Ave. swim, weight room, cardio equipment
• Transcona Kinsmen Centennial 1101 Wabasha St. swim, sauna 

Leisure Centres

• Fort Rouge Leisure Centre 625 Osborne St. weight room, cardio equipment
• Freight House Recreation Centre Door #1 - 200 Isabel St. weight room, cardio equipment
• Peguis Trail Health & Fitness Centre 1400 Rothesay St. weight room, cardio equipment, track, boxing bags
Both PDF documents are available for you to download or print:
CEWP Corporate Brochure 2022 23    CEWP Short Brochure 2022 23

The Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba (RTAM) and Minister Wayne Ewasko, would like your feedback to help shape the future of education in Manitoba.

It is with great pleasure that on behalf of RTAM I've been asked by the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning to provide feedback on the province's K-12 Education Action Plan. Please find a link to the plan here: Manitoba's K to 12 Education Action Plan (
We are asking for your feedback on the plan so we can best prepare a fulsome RTAM submission to the Minister. I was quite encouraged by my most recent conversation with the Minister as he viewed RTAM as a stakeholder in the plan and was actively looking for our input. 
As we all know this can be a wide-ranging topic, I please ask that you first review the plan and align your comments within the 4 featured pillars:
  • High-Quality Learning: to improve learning and outcomes for students through responsive and relevant curriculum and learning experiences in safe and inclusive learning environments.
  • Student Engagement and Well-Being: to respond to diverse life experiences, engage students, promote well-being, support successful transitions and leverage inter-sectoral partnerships.
  • Excellence in Teaching and Leadershipto ensure teachers, school staff and leaders have the knowledge, skills and tools to support student achievement and well-being.
  • Responsive Systems: to ensure an equitable, aligned and effective public education system that focuses on engagement, inclusion and planning for provincial and local needs.
If you could please provide your comments by November 30, 2022 it would be greatly appreciated. We are planning to combine everyone's feedback and are then hoping to provide it to the minister and meet with him later this year. 
Thank you in advance for volunteering your time and energy and I look forward to your feedback. It is encouraging to be seen as a stakeholder with the minister and I'm looking forward to continuing to engage with government on this and other topics. 
Best wishes,
Linda Blair
RTAM President
Linda and Wayne

CPP Investments has partnered with the Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba (RTAM) to help improve communication with the community who is about to or is currently accessing the Canadian Pension Plan.

In this partnership, RTAM will meet in person with CPP Investments every two years in advance of their in-person community updates and public speaking sessions. This partnership also allows the office and RTAM Board of Directors, unprecedented access to the CCPI leadership to help with our own development and growth. Recently Dr. Heather Munroe-Blum from CPPI met with RTAM President Linda Blair, their meeting, planning session and discussions, now paving the way for new Emeritus and Emerita members and committee formation with RTAM.

See the source image

About CPPI

The CPP Investment Board was established by an Act of Parliament in December 1997.

We are accountable to Parliament and to federal and provincial ministers who serve as the CPP stewards. However, we are governed and managed independently from the CPP itself, and operate at arm’s length from governments.

We take our responsibility to Canadians very seriously and operate with a clear mandate – to maximize returns without undue risk of loss.

Our detailed mandate and objectives

Our mandate is set out in legislation. It states that:

  • We invest in the best interests of CPP contributors and beneficiaries.
  • We have a singular objective: to maximize long-term investment returns without undue risk, taking into account the factors that may affect the funding of the Canada Pension Plan and its ability to meet its financial obligations.
  • We provide cash management services to the Canada Pension Plan so that they can pay benefits.

Our unique structure

The CPP Investments mandate is based on a governance structure that distinguishes us from a sovereign wealth fund. We have an investment-only mandate, unencumbered by political agendas and insulated from political interference in investment decision-making. Our management reports to an independent Board of Directors.

In carrying out our mandate, we aim to continually develop, execute and enhance the investment strategy that balances prospective risk and reward in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the CPP Fund.

Notre Mandat

L’Office d’investissement du Régime de pensions du Canada (« l’Office ») est une société d’État créée par une loi du Parlement en décembre 1997.

Nous rendons des comptes au Parlement et aux ministres des Finances fédéral et provinciaux, qui sont les gérants du RPC. Cependant, nous sommes régis et gérés de manière indépendante du RPC et n’avons pas de lien de dépendance avec les gouvernements.

Nous prenons très au sérieux notre responsabilité envers les Canadiens et exerçons nos activités en respectant notre mandat, soit dégager un rendement maximal tout en évitant des risques de perte indus.

Notre mandat et nos objectifs

Notre mandat, défini dans notre loi directrice, est le suivant :

  • investir dans l’intérêt des cotisants et des bénéficiaires du RPC;
  • réaliser notre objectif unique, soit optimiser le rendement à long terme tout en évitant des risques indus, en tenant compte des facteurs pouvant avoir un effet
  • sur le financement du RPC ainsi que sur son aptitude à s’acquitter de ses obligations financières;
  • fournir des services de gestion de la trésorerie au RPC afin qu’il puisse verser les prestations.

Notre structure unique

Le mandat de Investissements RPC s’appuie sur une structure de gouvernance robuste qui nous distingue des fonds souverains. Notre mandat, qui est axé uniquement sur le placement, est à l’abri des programmes politiques et de toute ingérence politique dans la prise des décisions de placement. Les membres de la direction rendent compte à un conseil d’administration indépendant.

Pour mener à bien notre mandat, nous nous employons à élaborer, à mettre en œuvre et à améliorer, de façon continue, la stratégie de placement qui, grâce à un équilibre entre les risques et les rendements prévus, sera la plus efficace, d’après nous, pour favoriser la viabilité à long terme du RPC.

The Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba is looking for member representatives!

After the historic reading of Bill 208, RTAM will now be given a seat on the TRAF Board of Directors and help offer a voice of older adults and retired teachers at the table. To apply to become the RTAM representative, please download and complete the forms (application form and letter of reference), no later than Wednesday January 18th, to the Executive Director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or in person at the RTAM office. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please feel welcome to reach out to the office staff or the Board of Directors President, Linda Blair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

To access the application form and reference letter as a Microsoft Word file, please click here.

To access the application form and reference letter in PDF format, please click here.

To access the TRAF information PDF and package, please click here.

TRAF RTAM Application

Express Scripts Canada

The Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba (RTAM) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Express Scripts Canada, available to all our members as an opt-into at their own discression. Express Scripts will help members who rely on perscriptions in their day to day lives by offering enhanced home delivery options and in some cases reduced fees and cost savings. Express Scripts also works with Johnson Insurance to help deliver a smooth member service.

Important Links & Contacts

RTAM / Express Scripts Liaison and Account Manager – Rita Garofalo

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