How you can help as a Retired Teacher

RTAM has recently partnered with several groups across the province in recent months, in an effort to support the crisis in Ukraine and the incoming refugees and immigrants coming from their country and surounding areas in Eastern Europe. Please take a look at the partnerships listed below. All of our new partners are looking for retired teachers to sign up as volunteers and help with support programs or classes being offered for newcomers.

NEEDS Winnipeg is one of the first stops for incoming Ukrainians to the province's capital city. They will work with Ukrainians who are being offered permanent homes in Winnipeg.

Website: N.E.E.D.S. Inc. – Accessible Services to Newcomer Children and Youth (

Contact: Kirby Borgardt, Director of Operations & Settlement Workers in Schools (e) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (p) (204) 940-1271

MANSO is similar to NEEDS Winnipeg, and is a first stop for many incoming Ukrainians. However, MANSO helps those who call towns and municipalities outside Winnipeg their home. MANSO ensures that all Ukrainians around the province are offered support and connected with a support system when they arrive.

Website: Homepage - MANSO (

Contact: Emily Halldorson, Ukraine Response Coordinator (e) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (p) (204) 272-0875

Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural & Education Centre, is home to newcomer programs. Oseredok currently offers limited daytime programs for newcomers, but due to limited staff and resources cannot meet the demand for additional classes or evening classes. RTAM is hoping our retired teachers within the city of Winnipeg will sign up as teachers for these programs and help Oseredok and their team deliver more support to the Ukrainian community.

Website: Volunteer | Oseredok 

Contact: Yulia Zmerzla, Executive Director (e) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (p) (204)942-0218

Oseredok Boutique Eggs

Facilitators, Part-time contract positions

Elections Manitoba is hiring facilitators to deliver in-class workshops for our education program, Your Power to Choose. Fun and interactive, the workshops touch on the history of elections in Manitoba, the process of making informed decisions and end with a simulated election.

Click here for more.

Keep In Touch Magazine – Please opt-in if you would like to keep receiving a print version of KIT

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In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment and our carbon footprint as an organization, the Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba (RTAM) has created an “Opt-In” for the print version of the KIT magazine heading into the winter edition.
RTAM is committed to ensuring all members, who would like a print version of KIT, are still able to receive their copy by mail. We ask everyone interested in continuing to receive a print version of KIT to opt-in through the link provided below or by calling Dianne in the RTAM office at 204-889-3660.

The Impact
RTAM is currently printing more than 40,000 KIT magazines a year which equates to more than 1.2 million in pages and ink being consumed each year. The staggering cost to manage KIT and the mail service to our members is more than $95,000 per year, making up almost one quarter (¼) of the RTAM budget.
With a reduction in print needs for next year (and years to come), RTAM hopes to improve upon their environmental impact while also freeing up funds for member programs, events and initiatives.
Anyone who does not opt into the Winter print version of KIT will be able to access the magazine through our platform ISSUU, on social media and the RTAM website.

Bonus Content and Instructions
To further promote the digital version of KIT, starting in 2023 members will be able to access exclusive content through the online magazine… bonus photos, stories and contests!
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RTAM is undertaking a new "Pilot Project" with collaborators and partners atiAccompany
During this "Pilot Project" RTAM members can sign up to receive iAccompany services. These services are designed for people going to medical appointments who would like support. Support can come in the form of:
- Having someone accompany you to the doctors office
- Having someone help you with registration or forms at the doctors office
- Having someone sit with you during your appointment to help ask and answer questions of your doctor
- Having someone go with you after the appointment to secure prescriptions or other needs

Expanded Eligibility to Include Everyone Aged 65 and Older: Gordon, Johnston

The Manitoba government will expand eligibility for the high-dose influenza vaccine this fall to include all adults aged 65 years and older to ensure more Manitobans are protected from severe illness, Health Minister Audrey Gordon and Seniors and Long-term Care Minister Scott Johnston announced today.

Bill 208 (Teachers’ Pension Amendment Act) unanimously passed Second Reading and is moving to final stages and a third reading.

Thank you to the Honorable Cindy Lamoureux for her work presenting and supporting Bill 208 to the Province of Manitoba. In addition, thanks are also due to all of the political advocates, politicians and our previous RTAM Board of Directors and Executive for this amazing and momentous work and achievement! The unanimous passing of this Private Member’s Bill to provide RTAM with a seat on the TRAF Board, may be the most significant advancement of our political advocacy goals in the last 15-20 years.

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