Vel McAdam
The Pas
  • Bill Cann, Winnipeg
  • Guy Hansen, Winnipeg
  • Ken Malcolm, Dauphin
  • John Sushelnitsky, Portage la Prairie


The Terms of Reference for the committee are as follows:

a) be responsible for the planning, implementing and evaluation of the PR goals of the organization;

b) publicize events sponsored by RTAM and/or its committees;

c) maintain liaison with the editor of and facilitate publication of RTAM news in “The Manitoba Teacher”;

d) through liaison with Chapters, facilitate publication of significant news about RTAM in community newspapers and in other print and electronic media;

e) purchase promotional items for RTAM.

The committee and RTAM Board have used the services of Adam Dooley, where professional advice was needed, to help clarify the role of the Public Relations committee and to be more effective in moving forward the strategic goals of the organization.  Branding, working with other committees to promote their events and developing a long term strategy are still issues to be resolved.

Committees are currently doing their own advertising so at this time the committee will not do so unless asked.  Liaison continues with “The Manitoba Teacher” publication.

Various chapter/member initiatives/projects such as “Thank A teacher Day” and “UN Senior Awareness Day” are featured in KIT and/or on the web.  Mailings to community papers and the printing of the articles can be tracked so that RTAM can monitor which ones have the best community interest.  Provincial activities such as the “Meet and Greet” at the Legislature in October and the Seniors’ Coalition also are part of their initiatives.

The committee is responsible for ordering promotional materials for AGM and other committees.  Ordering by one group makes it easier to track the costs.  Committees who order materials for their specific event will have those cost charges against their budget line.

Committee Report to the Last RTAM AGM

Report to the 2018 AGM

Respectfully submitted by Ken Malcolm, Chair (Dauphin)

Members: Bill Cann (Winnipeg), Ralph Cibula (Gladstone),Guy Hansen (Winnipeg), John Sushelnitsky (Portage la Prairie)

We had a great year and truly worked hard on many ideas such as RTAM promotional items, a “branding slogan", and many ideas “FOR THE GOOD of RTAM” members including endeavoring to encourage a much higher percentage of new retirees to join our organization.

This year we obtained quality tote bags c/w RTAM branding, RTAM logo'd pens as well as useful Dry Erase Memo Boards for use on fridges, etc. We really wanted to keep our RTAM logo visible to our current membership. We explored promotional RTAM coffee mugs but decided the idea was an idea that “had passed its prime”.

In addition we developed a “Borrowing Protocol “for our Upright RTAM Banner, our Parade Banner and our flags. One of the committee members has had a sturdy shipping box built so that our upright banner can be safely shipped out to local RTAM Chapters. He also constructed a long tube type container for shipping of our flags and parade banner. Our promotional flags and banners can now be shipped safely and securely

We also worked on the “hospitality room” for AGM members and potential committee members to get better acquainted in the evenings after their arrival at our 2018 AGM.

We had a good year and as PR Chairperson, I have to say it was a pleasure to work with members who used their lifelong experiences to make this committee work so well. They were very accepting of each other’s very diverse ideas and backgrounds. These people are who really make RTAM such a smooth running machine.


Meetings are held with public relations personnel in the Seniors coalition and the MTS as the situation warrants.


Announcements are made in consultation with the Board, the President and the Executive Director in the form of press releases.


An afternoon half-day meeting is held monthly in conjunction with the RTAM Board Meeting.

Borrowing the RTAM Flags and Banner


The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the following items are available for short-term loan to RTAM members.
· 2 flags with the RTAM name and logo
· a pull-up banner with the RTAM logo and the slogans “The Voice of Retired Teachers” and “RTAM’s strength is in the collective will of our members”.
· parade/wall banner with “Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba” centred between RTAM logos.

Listed below is all the information needed to borrow any of these items:

1. The RTAM flags and/or banner may be used by RTAM Board Members, Committee Members, Chapters and individual RTAM members for community events which serve to enhance the profile of RTAM, specifically, and retired teachers, generally within a community.

2. Procedure for Requesting Use of the RTAM Flag and/or Banner

a. The flag and/or banner may be made available by providing the following details via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or other means:
i. The event (program)
ii. The location of the event (town)
iii. The time of the event (day, month)
iv. The name, mailing address, phone number and email of the person receiving the flag and assuming responsibility for its care and return to the office.
b. The Member Services Coordinator (MSC) will review the application to ensure that the event aligns with the Objects and/or Values and Principles upon which RTAM is based.
c. The MSC will notify the requestor whether or not the application has been approved and will confirm the shipping or pick-up arrangements.
d. The cost of shipping the flag and returning it to the RTAM office will be paid both ways by RTAM.

Please contact the RTAM office at 204-889-3660, 1-888-393-8082 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require further information.


Retirement is a time of transitions. Throughout your career you belonged to the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS), but upon retirement you are no longer a member. The Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM) exists to serve retired teachers. We invite you to join the growing number of RTAM members and enjoy the benefits of belonging.

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