Beth Smith,

  • Charles Clifford, Portage la Prairie
  • Vel McAdam, The Pas
  • Dorothy Young, Winnipeg

As the Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba nears its 28th year of operation the Bylaws and Policy Committee continues to monitor and review the RTAM Bylaws and Policy documents according to the committee mandate, the direction of the Board of Directors and resolution of the AGM. Bylaws and policy documents should be viewed as living documents that reflect the ever changing requirements of an organization.  This year we will be reviewing all parts of the documents to ensure their relevancy to our organization.

The committee will endeavour to keep the Board of Directors mindful of the timelines that must be adhered to regarding communication of any proposed bylaw change to all RTAM members prior to their May 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Committee Report to the Last RTAM AGM

Report to the 2018 AGM

Respectfully submitted by Joan Dawson, Chair (Thompson)

Members: Charles Clifford (Portage la Prairie), Vel McAdam (The Pas), Ray Sitter (Brandon), Beth Smith (Dauphin), Wally Stoyko (Winnipeg)

Committee communication and collaboration throughout the year consisted of three committee meetings with e-mail and phone communication in between. In April 2017, the Board accepted the RTAM Strategic Plan in principle and recommended that the 2017-2018 Board continue the process.

The implementation of the Strategic Plan was the main focus of this year with the goal of addressing the changes recommended for the 2017-2018 year as well as identifying policies that needed updating or clarification. This process will continue throughout the next four years of the five year Strategic Plan. The Bylaws Manual was not reviewed this year. Once the 2018 Policy Manual is ratified at AGM 2018, the Bylaws and Policy Committee will work to review and update the Bylaws Manual to address those changes and also go forward with addressing the second year’s Strategic Plan goals.

The first two committee meetings consisted of only the members of the committee who had served on the Strategic Plan committee and Mary-Anne Slegers, Executive Director. These meetings were to evaluate which areas of the Policy Manual that would be updated first and these members were very familiar with the goals and timeline for the Strategic Plan. The full committee met in January to review their work as well as to incorporate the suggestions from all of the RTAM committees and Dorothy Young, RTAM member.

Major changes to the document were noted and explained in text boxes throughout the document which was reviewed at both the February and March Board meetings. At the March meeting the Board voted to recommend to the AGM, the ratification of the RTAM 2018 Policy Manual. Due to the number of updates and changes to the Policy Manual, the AGM delegates will be asked to ratify the document by an omnibus motion.

Delegates who have registered and sent the office an email address will receive a copy of the document via email so that they can review the document prior to the AGM. The RTAM members who register but do not have an email address will be sent a copy by regular mail. There will be a discussion period before the vote at the AGM.

Thank you to all of the committee members, Mary-Anne Slegers, Dorothy Young and Nicole Welwood, Member Services Coordinator for their hard work and contributions to the revision of the RTAM Policy Manual.




Retirement is a time of transitions. Throughout your career you belonged to the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS), but upon retirement you are no longer a member. The Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM) exists to serve retired teachers. We invite you to join the growing number of RTAM members and enjoy the benefits of belonging.

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