Board Bios

Peggy Prendergast
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I have been associated with RTAM Board for many years, first as a member of the Benefits Committee (which dealt with pensions then), and then as Vice President and President in 1999-2000. Following two years serving as Executive Director, I chaired the Pension Committee for 5 years, which included membership on the Pension Task Force.  Now as Vice President of RTAM, I am the RTAM representative on ACER-CART, the national organization of retired teachers which keeps us connected across the country to many ‘senior’ issues and helps all retired teachers with many ‘common causes.’

I have been a member of the Editorial Committee, the Membership Committee, and the Bylaws Committee.  Currently I am a member of the Pension Committee, and presently chair the Education and Wellness Advocacy Committee which includes the administration of the RTAM Endowment Fund for Awards held at the Winnipeg Foundation.  I am also a member of the Manitoba Seniors Coalition.

My commitment to RTAM is twofold: assisting the Board in working through the COLA and pension issues and in providing help to our members in the area of social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness. 

During the past five years, advocacy for all seniors in the area of information gathering about services available to seniors has also become a large RTAM commitment.  The coalition of senior organizations established before the provincial election as a result of Senior Vote 2016 is also going to remain an entity so we can move forward supporting each other in “common causes.”

During the time leading up to the provincial election I was involved in the development of, and in enacting Seniors Vote 2016.  Using the model set by Acer-Cart for the recent federal election, areas of concern for all Manitoba seniors became the pillars of this campaign, including Income Security which relates directly with RTAM goals for our pension.  Many of the other pillars relate to wellness issues that affect not only our RTAM members but all seniors in the province.  A coalition of seven senior organizations lobbied for action within these pillars as well as the establishment of a Senior Ministry.  RTAM was a leader in this initiative.  RTAM now has a commitment to continue to work toward achieving these goals established through Senior Vote 2016 and, along with John Sushelnitsky, I am representing RTAM on the Coalition.  I believe strongly in the philosophy of collaboration, both with other organizations and with MTS and am committed to working towards including government in this eventual age friendly action.  I believe in our statement:  

If we make life good for seniors in Manitoba 
Life will be good for all Manitobans


Retirement is a time of transitions. Throughout your career you belonged to the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS), but upon retirement you are no longer a member. The Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM) exists to serve retired teachers. We invite you to join the growing number of RTAM members and enjoy the benefits of belonging.

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