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managing covid fatigue

Coming through this holiday season may have left you with mixed feelings. Many of us are experiencing a range of emotions such as disappointment, anxiety, grief or even anger. Although some of us are grateful to have a slower pace during the holidays, enjoying smaller gatherings and focusing on what is really important in our lives, it seems all but certain that the latest pandemic measures have created some amount of frustration. We’ve had to navigate our holiday season trying to stay safe while also trying to bring some joy and happiness to our friends and family.

A message from TONS – Transportation Options Network for Seniors

These are the two transportation supports available to Seniors who are looking to get to vaccines sites. These supports are being distributed through our Senior Resource Finder partners and more information can be found in the links below for each option. 

If you’re a senior serving organization or professional looking to get taxi vouchers or Uber promotion codes for your clients and their Covid needs, please email and we can discuss next steps. I have additional supports that can be shared with other groups in addition to the Senior Resource Finders.

From: Cheryl Chuckry
To: James Bedford, Bill Cann
Sent: Friday, June 11, 2021 9:54:46 AM
Subject: FW: Question: Press Release on April 23, 2021

Hello James and Bill,

Please see below the response that I received for your question around additional funding for mental health for teachers, staff, and students dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. It does appear that substitute teachers will be supported as well.

Cheryl Chuckry

Assistant General Secretary – Professional Status


From: +WPG114 - ISB Information (EDU)
Sent: June 8, 2021 12:11 PM
To: Cheryl Chuckry
Cc: Education, Minister (LEG)
Subject: RE: Question: Press Release on April 23, 2021

Dear Ms. Chuckry:

On behalf of The Honourable Cliff Cullen, Minister of Education, I would like to thank you for your April 30, 2021 email inquiry regarding access to mental health supports for substitute teachers in Manitoba.

In your email, you reference the April 23, 2021 announcement of new funding to enhance access to mental health supports for teachers and other school division staff members, who are dealing with the impacts of COVID-19.

The Canadian Mental Health Association is providing mental health supports for all school division staff members under this new partnership. As substitute teachers are employed by school divisions, the supports would certainly be available to them as well.

Manitoba Education is proud to work with the Canadian Mental Health Association to plan supports that will be accessible and helpful to the school community, including substitute teachers. We look forward to making these available in the near future.



Allan Hawkins
Executive Director
Inclusion Support Branch


Rapid Testing of Staff Latest Preventative Measure 
To Protect Manitobans: Stefanson

The province is expanding access to rapid COVID-19 testing for personal care home (PCH) staff, following the successful trial of rapid testing for asymptomatic staff (staff with no symptoms of COVID-19) at three Manitoba personal care homes, Health and Seniors Care Minister Heather Stefanson announced today.

This morning, the federal government advised Manitoba to expect a third supply reduction of the Pfizer vaccine. In the week of Feb. 1, Manitoba will receive two trays of vaccine (2,340 doses) instead of five (5,850 doses). Projections for the week of Feb. 8 are no longer being provided. The known reductions over the next two weeks (Jan. 25 to Feb. 7) represent a 90 per cent decrease from what was projected last week. So far, this means Manitoba will be receiving 32,760 fewer doses than had been expected.

As a result, Manitoba will stop taking appointments for the Winnipeg and Brandon super sites immediately. The province is currently reviewing its supply of vaccine to determine if any booked appointments will have to be cancelled as a result and will update Manitobans as soon as possible.

Manitoba has finalized additional guidance for health-care providers to help them answer questions from their patients and determine whether individuals with certain conditions should receive the COVID-19 vaccine when eligible. This includes people who have suppressed immune systems, have autoimmune conditions, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. This guidance is posted at

A total of 23,884 doses of vaccine have been administered in Manitoba including 20,846 first doses and a total of 3,038 second doses.

Focused immunization teams are providing immunizations at personal care homes across the province and will deliver first doses to all eligible and consenting residents by the end of January.

By the end of this week, teams will have visited 61 personal care homes with an estimated 3,903 residents. An estimated 90 per cent of residents have been immunized. Information about immunizations is not available from teams in real time, so a more accurate percentage will be available once the first visits are complete and data is entered. Next week, the teams will visit another 62 sites.

doingyourtaxes whattoexpect
 Doing your taxes has its benefits What to expect when Canada Revenue Agency contacts you

Your actions matter – make informed choices to keep yourself and others safe.