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Ken Malcolm, Director
Dauphin, Manitoba

Past President of DARTA. Longtime member of RTAM. Spoke at the Manitoba Legislature against proposed COLA cuts many years ago.

Attended rallies on behalf of RTAM at the Leg. Have always worked at RTAM meetings for the best interests of RTAM members in rural and urban areas. Have always encouraged teachers to join RTAM so they have a voice in the future of all retired teachers, socially, pension wise, benefit wise and politically. I feel that all teachers, working and retired, need to speak up to protect the future of all teachers. Teachers need a group that is able to speak on their behalf especially with the ongoing Provincial Education Review, the possible changes to pension plans and the possible changes in school division boundaries. I believe that we need many younger retired teachers to step up, join RTAM and keep the voices and interests of retired teachers being heard. Together we can make a difference. Together we are stronger.