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Jack Fraser, Director

In my teaching and volunteer commitments I have tried to live by the principles of servant leadership. 

In my forty-eight-year active teaching career, I served (K-12) in the classroom or administration. In each of those forty-eight years I took an active role in the Manitoba Teacher Society. 

  • At the local association level, I served in the roles of school rep, chair of numerous committees, and president. In my retirement I continue to represent The Louis Riel Association as President of the Board of Directors of Vic Wyatt House.
  • Provincially I served as a member of the Provincial Executive. I also served on or chaired many provincial committees. Since its inception and until my retirement, I have been member or the chair of the Society’s Professional Conduct Committee.
  • I was an active member and president of the SAG/SAGE group, MAMT. 
  • I also have served as a member or chair of the Department of Education’s Mathematics Steering Committee for the duration of its existence. 
  • At the May 2015 MTS AGM, The Society conferred Life Member in the Society upon me.
  • Since 2013 I have served as president of RTAM’s Louis Riel Chapter.
  • After retiring in 2013, I became involved with RTAM the following year when I was appointed mid-term to the Board of Directors. I have been elected for full terms as a director since 2015. In addition to being a director, I have served as the RTAM Website Committee chair and as the chair of Communications. I am currently serving as the Bylaws and Policies Committee chair.