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Guy Hansen, Director
Winnipeg, Manitoba

When I retired from teaching, I went to the Thompson Recycle Centre. My job was to help upgrade Northern First Nations young folk so they could better enter the workplace.

They were often having a tough time of it.

I soon joined the RTAM Board, working in Public Relations and Political Advocacy. My goal was to initiate an award, so that First Nations youth from the North would have equal footing. Murray Sinclair himself recently told our board that “Education is the solution”, and that is what you and I both were doing for all those years.

Today the award is there. The University College of the North administers our bursary, $1,000 each year, to a student of their choice.

I was also significant in the implementation of the “Night at the Leg”, or as it is now called our “Meet and Greet”. Every board member gets to extend his/her hand in greeting to our MLA’s, and most of those MLA’s will be there. Perhaps some attend only casually, but I would rather have a sandwich and a beer with them, than have a sandwich and a beer without them. They are the decision-makers of our province.

Public Relations recently “tidied up” the old JOIN US brochure. It is the summation of the work of many board members over many years. Should any member ever say to you” what does RTAM do for me?” please direct them to our website. Look under MEDIA, then FACT SHEET, then WHAT IS RTAM. The service we provide to our members is something of which we can be quite proud of.

Last summer, I hand-dug the 100-year-old wrought iron fence around my wife’s church. It was just so crooked. I had to wait for the frost to come out, lo and behold it is now mostly straight.

Hoping to serve you for one more year.