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Past President
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Past Experience      

Teaching:       Home Economics teacher 15 Years, Vice Principal Secondary 20 years
                      Elementary School Principal 5 years - Total 41 years from 1955 –1995

 RTAM            Membership on following committees: Editorial, Membership, Bylaws and Policy, Manitoba Seniors Coalition for the past 5 years.
                      Chaired: Pension Committee, Educational Advocacy, Wellness for 20 years, and presently Student Awards for the past 7 years and Elections this year.
                      RTAM President for the years 2000 and 2019.

My commitment to RTAM is to provide to our members the opportunity to assist their young relatives in their pursuit of lifelong educational goals.  As I reflect on the one thing in my long life that has been my support and that I value highly is my love of learning and being able to find ways in and through my life of pursuing that value.  We as educators, active and retired, transmit our values by our actions more than our words.  Actively supporting these young people who will be Canada’s leaders of the future will be our greatest legacy.  The RTAM Endowment Fund that was established at the Winnipeg Foundation in 2013 now has doubled the initial amount of the awards offered to these deserving relatives.  RTAM can add to the amount of that fund and the number of our relatives we can support.  I will also continue to advocate and support our efforts not only to protect our pension but also to advocate for the health system we have maintained over the years.  The pandemic has taught me not only the immediacy of the importance of my health but also that we are “in this life together and must work together towards our common goals of well-being.”