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Past President
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I have been associated with the RTAM Board for many years as a member of most committees including chairing the Pension Committee for five years. Currently I am Vice President of RTAM and the chair of the Wellness Advocacy and Student Awards Committee. RTAM awards have increased from four $500 member sponsored awards the first year, to four $850 member sponsored awards this year.

My commitment to RTAM is twofold: assisting the Board in working through pension issues and in providing assistance to our members in the area of older adult well-being. As Vice President I am the ACER-CART representative. This year ACER-CART has been a member of the Canadian Coalition for Retirement Security. ACER-CART sponsored e-Petition 2039 federally. Support for Defined Benefit Pension Plans was the issue. 13,740 petitions were recorded, 492 from Manitoba. Thank you to all who signed the petition!

I am one of the RTAM representatives on the Manitoba Seniors Coalition, a coalition of seven senior organizations established before the last provincial election that supports each other in areas of common causes for older adults including: income security and health. RTAM goals align with the Coalition so that not only RTAM members but all older adults in the province benefit. I believe strongly in the philosophy of collaboration, both with other organizations and with MTS and the government in this eventual age friendly action. I believe in our statement:

If we make life good for seniors in Manitoba 
Life will be good for all Manitobans