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Linda Scott, Director
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am a retired teacher and guidance counsellor having taught 17 years in elementary and 15 years in high school. During my teaching career I served on various committees for the Manitoba School Counsellors' Association and the St. James-Assiniboia Teachers' Association.

In RTAM I have served for 1 year on the RTAM Wellness Advocacy Committee, 2 years as the Chairperson of the RTAM Membership and Chapters Committee and 3 years as an RTAM Director.

Through the years my volunteer activities have included:

  • 9 years as a Sunday school teacher
  • 6 years as a Girl Guide leader
  • 30 years as a Block Parent
  • 4 years as a High School Peer Support advisor
  • 10 years as a TADD (Teens against Drinking & Driving) advisor
  • 8 years as a Peer Support Volunteer and Trainer for the Canadian Cancer Society
  • 8 years as a Public Member of the Manitoba Podiatrists' Association
  • 1 year as a member of the RTAM Wellness Advocacy committee
  • 3 years on the Membership and Chapters committee
  • 2 years as the Chairperson of the Membership and Chapters committee
  • 3 years as an RTAM director
  • 6 years on the executive of the St. James-Charleswood Alzheimers' Bridge group
  • 5 years as the Social Convener for the Simply Unique program

I look forward to serving as a Director for RTAM.