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Dave Najduch

Dave Najduch, Director
Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Retired in June 2020.
  • Teaching experience includes: 3 years in Birtle, MB, 1 semester in Quebec and 35 years in the Winnipeg School Division.
  • Actively involved with the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association (WTA) for over 30 years and served as President through 3 different terms in office for a total of 11 years.
  • Worked with numerous committees of the WTA, including involvement with the Association Groups Benefits Committee which managed the Manulife Health Plan and the Great West Life Dental Plan.
  • Served 2 years on the Executive of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society and worked on numerous MTS committees.

I look forward to working with RTAM and using my skills, knowledge and experience to help deliver services and programs to retired members across the province. 


Pat Bowslaugh, Treasurer

After acquiring 34 years of pensionable service and eleven years at Brandon University, I have had the privilege of serving on the RTAM Board and its committees from the year 2001 culminating with a two year term as President from 2007-2009. This was during the horror of Bill 45 which ultimately reduced our COLA calculations as had been outlined in the Teachers’ Pension Act.

Prior to being President, it was exciting to acquire seven new RTAM chapters and serve on Political Advocacy and Membership.

While on a hiatus from serving as a Board Member, I continued being a member at large on the Benefits Committee and have served several times as its Chair.

Being reelected to the Board in 2018 I now have served two years as your Treasurer plus doing Benefits and some PR. Preparing Pre-Retirement Seminars has been on my list for several years.

When not doing RTAM work, I have served on the Provincial Exhibition Board, Sunset Rotary, Brandon School Board (12 years), fundraised for IODE and chaired our Church Board.

My family of husband, two married sons, their spouses, three granddaughters and pets rank highly in my life especially when we are on the lake boating or on the ocean cruising.



Linda Scott, Director
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am a retired teacher and guidance counsellor having taught 17 years in elementary and 15 years in high school. During my teaching career I served on various committees for the Manitoba School Counsellors' Association and the St. James-Assiniboia Teachers' Association.

In RTAM I have served for 1 year on the RTAM Wellness Advocacy Committee, 2 years as the Chairperson of the RTAM Membership and Chapters Committee and 3 years as an RTAM Director.

Through the years my volunteer activities have included:

  • 9 years as a Sunday school teacher
  • 6 years as a Girl Guide leader
  • 30 years as a Block Parent
  • 4 years as a High School Peer Support advisor
  • 10 years as a TADD (Teens against Drinking & Driving) advisor
  • 8 years as a Peer Support Volunteer and Trainer for the Canadian Cancer Society
  • 8 years as a Public Member of the Manitoba Podiatrists' Association
  • 1 year as a member of the RTAM Wellness Advocacy committee
  • 3 years on the Membership and Chapters committee
  • 2 years as the Chairperson of the Membership and Chapters committee
  • 3 years as an RTAM director
  • 6 years on the executive of the St. James-Charleswood Alzheimers' Bridge group
  • 5 years as the Social Convener for the Simply Unique program

I look forward to serving as a Director for RTAM.